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Few places have inspired more creativity than the city that never sleeps. But, why bother with city permits, fees, cordoning off traffic and other red tape when we can bring the city of New York to you?

The Studios at Paramount’s New York Street encompasses a 5-acre site and recreates eight distinct areas of the city
• Brooklyn
• Brownstone
• Financial District
• Greenwich Village
• Lower East Side
• SoHo
• Upper East Side
• Washington Square

In addition, we have the
Chicago section
of the backlot, which resembles common architectural styles found in the Midwest.  At several stories tall, the facades in each and every section create an authentic urban atmosphere perfect for capturing the excitement and drama that New York and other major metropolitan areas provide (even when they’re in Hollywood).

New York Set Additional Info
• Pre-rigged for Environmental Effects
• Sophisticated Electrical Distribution
• Several Large Interiors
• Easy Access to Compressed Air, Water and Gas Lines
• Realistic Reverse Angles

Here are some recent productions
that were shot on our backlot


Television Shows

Feature Films

Music Videos

To shoot on the lot call:
(323) 956-8811

General studio information:
(323) 956-5000