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Let’s face it, shooting a scene in a real downtown alley is expensive, dirty and time consuming. But, at The Studios at Paramount, it’s easy to escape from all the headaches. Eliminate the hassle of scouting, as we can make it look exactly the way you want. Scheduling is simpler, as environmental effects and lighting are easily controlled, so you always have the perfect setting any time of day or year. What’s more, you can reduce your security costs and shoot in a protected and clean environment. All-in-all, we smooth out the entire process, so take a shortcut down The Alley without short-changing your production.

The Alley Features
•  200 Feet of Urban Flexibility
•  Completely Customizable Set Dressing Options
•  Ready for Any Environmental Effects
•  Secure, Clean Location
•  Sophisticated Electrical Distribution
•  Easy Access to Compressed Air, Water and Gas Lines
•  Realistic Reverse Angles

To shoot on the lot call:
(323) 956-8811

General studio information:
(323) 956-5000