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With so much equipment and so many people that need to be in the right place at the right time, efficiently moving from location to location can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare.  But with The Studios at Paramount’s transportation department, we make getting from point A to point B a dream.  From electric carts and personal sedans to big comfortable buses that carry up to 32 passengers, your whole crew will always be where they’re supposed to be.  All your equipment will be there too when you use our trucks ranging in size from simple stakebeds to huge tractor-trailer combinations.

Equipment Movers
•  10-ton Trucks
•  5 & 10-ton Crewcabs
•  Crewcab Stakebeds
•  LoPro Stakebeds
•  2 & 3 Axle Tractors
•  45’-48’ Trailers
•  Camera Trucks

Service Vehicles
•  Production Tractors with Generators
•  Fork Lifts
•  Aerial Lifts and High Reach Equipment
•  Flat Bed Carts
•  Make-up Trailers

People Movers
•  24 & 32-passenger Buses
•  15 & 11-passenger Vans
•  7-passenger Minivans
•  Luxury Hybrid SUVs
•  Luxury Sedans
•  Electric Carts

For Filming Off the Lot
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For more information about transportation call:
(323) 956-5151

General studio information:
(323) 956-5000