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After nearly a century of making celebrated movies and TV shows, The Studios at Paramount has compiled the largest stock footage library available.  Including clips from the early classics to the most recent Paramount releases, we specialize in high value production shots from the industry’s finest cinematographers and camera operators.  By teaming up with Thought Equity Motion, our exclusive content partner, you can easily download thousands of clips online.  Plus, they’ll even help you acquire the proper licenses and clearances.  Whether it’s a signature shot or an entire sequence for building a scene, Paramount’s stock footage collection is second to none and will help you create a high-impact impression on your audience.

Complete Library Details
• Over 300,000 Shots and Clips
• Footage from Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
• Classic and Contemporary Footage Available
• Backed with 35mm Negative
• Thousands of Shots Mastered to High Definition

Thought Equity Motion Details
• Over 22,000 Clips Available Online
• New Clips Added Daily
• All Clips Are Searchable and Pre-viewable

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